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Laptop Rescue is renowned for its quality service and competitive prices.

Established in 2004, Laptop Rescue service centre is a fast growing business situated in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Welcome to Laptop Rescue !! The laptop repair service centre of choice for your IBM, Dell , Toshiba, HP , Lenovo, Sony Vaio, Asus, Acer, Apple MacBook and other namebrand electronics systems.

Laptop Rescue's electronics engineers are expert at component level logic board repairs, LCD repairs, Data Recovery and other hardware & software faults. We are also one of the leading laptop repair companies in LCD repairs and replacements .

All hardware repairs are done at the component level and we do not simply order a new board (Like other service guys); we actually fix the problem on the circuitboard. That's why we have such competitive prices.

Laptop Rescue works according to IPC-A-610 standard, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies, Which is the most widely used standard acceptance criteria for consumer and high reliability electronic assemblies.

Laptop Rescue uses state of the art test equipment in order to diagnose and repair your laptop / electronic system.
All staff are trained and follow appropriate ESD practices and procedures. Don't pay top dollar for repairs to namebrand corporations, check our reasonable & competitive prices. 

Please note laptop repairs requires knowledge and understanding of electronics, therefore it's important to call the experts. You should not attempt to fix your laptop yourself. !!! Kindly contact Laptop Rescue experience team.

At Laptop Rescue we offer our customers an obligation free quote and if we can't provide a solution, you won't have to pay. 

We are located at 26 Wentworth Avenue Mascot NSW 2020.
1 minute from Sydney Domestic Airport and 10 minutes from the CBD.
For directions to our service centre use the Google map below.

MacBook Repairs

For the past several years, Laptop Rescue Sydney became well known as an expertise in Apple Mac repairs, and thousands of customers from all over Australia will vouch for that - even the official AppleCare staff who keeps referring people to us.

MacBook unlike laptop PCs, are built with utmost perfection - every screw counts, every cable is placed precisely and every particle of dust can make or break a Mac. This is why it is so important to leave your computer with perfectionists who knows what they are doing.

Our recent repairs include:

- Spinning wheel of death : Your Mac wont boot and stays stuck on boot screen. This can happen for a variety of reasons, starting from a software problem to a hard disk failure. These can be diagnosed very quickly and in most cases be solved within several hours.

- Reflowing of a NVIDIA GPU on a MacBook Pro, as well as on a 21 iMac. Essentially, this means soldering the graphics chip back into place, literally restore it to as new performance.

- Liquid spill damage: Our favorite. Water, wine, tea, coffee - even an entire bottle of soy sauce.
Heads up: if you just spilled something on your computer, DO NOT turn it on, do not plug it in, and if possible, remove the main battery. And then call us ASAP, as time is of the essence.

- Broken screens: We stock glass replacement as well as LCD replacements of MacBook's and MacBook Pros of all sizes shapes and colors.

- Dual booting: Software setup of Macs to run both Windows and Mac O/S.

- SSD drive installation as a replacement of the old optical drive on an MacBook.

- EFI Firmware/BIOS password removal.

Liquid Spills  | Water Damage

Laptop Rescue specialize in liquid damage repairs. We repair the logic board / Motherboard of any MacBook model such as MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

MacBook liquid spill damage is a serious matter because it corrodes sensitive electronics components, but on the other hand it is fixable !

Watch this video. Think twice before heading to the Apple store! At Apple you will hear quotes of $750 to $1600 to repair MacBook with a liquid spill damage. The reality is: they are not interested in getting their hands dirty fixing the totally reusable parts you already have: it's easier for them to gouge your wallet by replacing the entire motherboard / Logic Board.


Why choose Laptop Rescue ?

When it comes to repairing your laptop or electronics products, you need a company with the right skills, resources and experience to do the job perfectly. With over 35 years of experience in electronics repairs, Laptop Rescue offers his expertise uniquely developed resources, to provide the best, most reliable repair services currently available.
Unlike other local computer shop, Laptop Rescue is one of the leading laptop repair companies nationwide. Laptop repair process is far more complicated than servicing a desktop PC. It requires vast knowledge in electronics repairs. In fact, most regular computer repair shops are simply not qualified to carry out laptop repairs.

Laptop Rescue Sydney employs a top team of experienced professional ready to solve your laptop problem.

Laptop Rescue Sydney has the tools, experience and wealth of knowledge in electronics repairs.  




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Laptop Rescue repair all types of LCD problems including no backlight, no image, dim or faint LCD and distorted display. Also, if you have a cracked LCD or otherwise need a new one, we have hundreds of brand new LCD screens in stock to fit your system. Laptop Rescue provides original genuine LCD screens, we provide the same brand and P/N as your system required.

Whether your LCD monitor is missing blocks or lines of information, has scratched surface, defective backlight or no display function at all, Laptop Rescue can restore it to as-new performance.
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